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    Camp WhiskeyJack was the original name, and it was started as a mining camp back in the late 1950's.  There are still 2 mine shafts on the property (safely gated with locks), and many a kid and adult have explored them!  You can even find old foundations in the forest where a "tent city" house the hard-rock miners in the summer months of years gone by.

    The miners built a number of buildings, some of which are the cabins we have today, and carved a long horizontal mine shaft that goes back into the granite about 1 kilometer.   During the winter, many bats (over 500) spend the cold months huddled together.  We even have an on-going study about the bat population - and also why mosquitoes are fairly scarce around Richard Lake!

    There have been 3 owners since the mill site was made into a resort - we came here in 1992, after my mom and step-father, Lee & David Gillis, saw a picture ad in our local newspaper in Dryden.   We went out there on a cool early June day, and met the owners who gave us a tour - and that day we decided to buy the place.

  Our family has a long history in NW Ontario, starting in 1964 when my Grandparents, Dick & Betty Lindmeier, bought North Shore Lodge on Eagle Lake, about 1 hour to the East of Richard Lake.  Over the years most of our family has been invovled in the tourism industry.  We changed the name in 1995 from Camp WhiskeyJack to Richard Lake Cottages, both since we are on Richard Lake, and to honour our grand-father, Richard "Dick" Lindmeier.

    Over the years many changes have taken place.  Starting in 1992 when we moved here, we added bathrooms and showers in all the cabins.  Then porches, canoes, kayaks and a paddleboat, and a lot of "infrastructure" type improvements that are not visible to guests (water, hydro, phone, etc).

    Some of our more notable additions have been the building of a brand new cabin and adding bedrooms and bathrooms to all the cabins; and expanding the water and septic system to accommodate these additions.

    Every year we make improvements and additions - some seen and some un-seen.  Even to the point of making a separate parking area for guests' cars, so there are no cars parked in the cabin areas.

    More recently, we added a new floating swim raft and decks in the beach area.  And in 2017, a Barrel Sauna and deck with bench seating.  Even a cold water shower....

And in 2018 a big change.  We removed 3 cabins, giving the cabins more privacy and really opening up the beach area.  It was a big project in the fall of 2017, but the results this year will be amazing!

The new floating dock, slide and decks.

Where there used to be cabins (3 of them), now open views of the lake and sunsets.