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Clear water and a sand beach - paddle boats, canoes and row-boats - all for you!

Our Cottages . . . .

    Our cottages are all on or very near to the lake, with great views from the screen porches.  the lake-shore cottages all face east, with a beautiful view of the sun rising over the lake, hills & forest.

Kids love the new floating raft....

Hear the cry of the Loon and the watch great sunsets ....

    Our cottages are fully modern, each with its own private 3 piece bath and plenty of hot water.  They are supplied with blankets, pillows, cooking utensils, stove, tableware and a refrigerator.  And we are painting them in East Coast, Newfoundland colours....

Our new barrel Sauna with bench seating.  Even a cold water shower..... room for 4 adults.

There are no other cabins on Richard Lake - or for 3 kilometers any direction!

    Our cabins are comfortable and clean.  We have three 2-bedroom cabins and one 1-bedroom cabins.  They all have electric heat and regular fridges and stoves (electric). 

    We DO NOT have phones or TV's, and our guests have told us that is just fine!  Cell phones work somewhat, but we are on the fringe and down a hill from where the closest tower is.  Please bring your own tv/vcr/dvd if you wish.  We do have some movies for your use.  There is 3G service on some networks - MTS, Rogers, Bell, Telus seem to work to some extent, but not real fast.....

    The beach - the central focus of any vacation - chairs & benches and lots of soft sand.  A dock for swimming from and fishing for small kids.   There are 2 deck areas with chairs and tables too.

    What a better way to spend a hot day - sitting in a chair in the water while the young ones tire themselves out!

Flaming marsh-mellons (star trek trivia question - what movie?).  Frequent campfires and watching the Northern Lights.

You can easily pass from the North side of Richard Lake to the South side thru the causeway, big enough for a canoe.

We STRONGLY support Catch & Release to keep the fishing good!  That is our camp rule - we want fishing for the future.

 We all know that fishpersons (I still like fishermen...) are the biggest fibbers of the truth.....

Most fish are nice sized, but....

When we first moved to Richard Lake, we never caught Northerns, but over the past 15 years - well, see for yourself.....

For your "viewing" fun, go to You Tube and searce:


Aerial view looking West.  Cabin on the far right in Owners Lodge.

Aerial showing the North side of Richard Lake

This photo shows the cabins on the north side of Richard Lake and surrounding lakes.